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MyOki - The Heated Biodynamic Wheat Bag Scarfe

….MyOki is a heat wrap scarf, filled with Australian Biodynamic Wheat and covered in Black Luxurious faux fur…
But, it is not just for ‘Glamour Pusses’ in need of pampering, MyOki is designed to be worn anywhere and in many different ways  and comes with it’s own handy travel Bag for easy storage. Perfect for wintery outings, sporting events, picnics or for those who work in open environments.

MyOki is simply heated in the microwave, with all the healing therapeutic benefits of a traditional wheat bag,  MyOki is the perfect companion for those with joint or muscle pain or, just wanting a warm wearable companion to beat the winter chill….

MyOki heat scarfe’ is filled with the highest quality Australian Wheat.
MyOki can be simply heated in the Microwave for the use of Muscular aches and pains. By using moist heat therapy an increase in blood flow to the...
In June 2008 I started down the path that I am now travelling. Frustrated by the lack of an available wheatbags that would stay on without needing the...


We are proudly registered with The Australian Therapeutic Goods Registry.
ARTG No: 223204