MyOki has just opened at the LQ Market here in its home town of Bendigo.
Victoria, Australia.
It is great to see a locally owned product along side so many other talented
and gifted designers.
If you are touring throughout Victoria please put the beautiful historical
Goldfields Town of Bendigo on your wish list, and of course a visit to the
LQ Market.

MyOki will Quadruple our DONATION TO $4.00
for Every MyOki we sell.
To Animals Asia

When I first came up with the MyOki idea the second thought that
came into my mind was an image of a Moonbear locked up in a cage.
I must have seen it somewhere and the image had never left me.
I remember thinking I will donate from every MyOki I sell to help
them in any way I can.
There had to be a reason behind what I was about to do…stepping
into the world of business was daunting and overwhelming, so why?
Why? because the MyOki would have a purpose to not only help with
our aches and pains, but to also help all creatures who suffer.

So Thank You to all you MyOki Owners out there and to all our
future MyOki Lovers to come…XOXO

What a Great Honour it was to have Pei come all the way to Bendigo in Central Victoria, Australia.
Pei has been visiting her son Vincent who lives in Sydney and decided to come to MyOki Land to say Hi…..Pei lives just outside of Beijing and was the very first MyOki Customer in China…

Thanks Pei, it was so lovely to meet you xie xie


Do you suffer from the cold? Would you like something to snuggle into that not only warms your soul but also smells like a beautiful lavender field on a warm spring day? MyOki is a unique biodynamic wheat bag that has been designed so you can wear it and look and feel great. Take it to the office, on your bike or snuggle up at home on your catch.

MyOki wants to share the love and give one lucky Australian a chance to experience a new way of warmth and luxury. To be a lucky winner, all you need to do, is LIKE our page and tell us What You Love About Wintertime?

We are looking for a creative, above the line, fun take on winter. If we choose you, we will send you your very own MyOki. Please note, you must live in Australia. We will announce winners on Monday the 16th June 2014.

Check out our website for fun and cool ways to wear your MyOki. Send us a message and share the MyOki love.

The very lovely, Gina Macauley from YogaHara here in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

Is a great supporter of the MyOki and is now offering all her valued clients the oppotunity to buy their own MyOki’s available now at Gina’s Yoga Studio located at Spa Eleven/ Forest Street/ Bendigo.

We would like to thank Gina for her wonderful support in keeping MyOki Local
🙂 XO
YogaHara Bendigo Now Stockists of MyOki xx

We are SO proud to announce that the MyOki is Now Registered with
ARTG No: 223204

If you told me 5 years ago that I was going to take a whole new direction in my life and create a product, have it made in China and export it back to Australia and then sell it back to China via a Chinese translated website and social media…….I would have laughed.

Because I knew nothing about business, and I had only just bought a computer !!
Changing direction in your life is incredibly frightening but equally exciting, you constantly have to overcome your fears and just dive in and take a chance.

But its the people you meet along the way that really inspire you.

What an Incredible week we have had…..

Off to Sydney to Sponsor the Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival.

Greeting the Stars, walking the Red Carpet and presenting a MyOki to all the Award Winners…..Best Film…Best Microfilm….Best Director….Best Actor…Best Actress… and to the Prestiguos Judging Panel…….and Festival Ambassador Mr Gua Tao and his wife.

And then having the great honour of presenting the Consul General of the People’s Republc of China, Mr Li Huaxin and his wife with their own MyOki’s…..

I have’nt stopped smiling…..It was an amazing day for MyOki….all put together by Lisa Goodhand at
China Blueprint in Sydney and her assistant Lana Yang…..WOW !!!

Check out the new Myoki commercial!!

Video Thumbnail
Myoki | Australian Fashion Therapy

MyOki is incredibly proud to announce that we will be Sponsoring this Years 2014, Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival.

What an honour and wonderful opportunity to be a part of this fantastic event to be launch in the beautiful City of Sydney, Australia.

Kerry / Owner + Designer and
Lisa Goodhand / MyOki’s China Agent +Consultant from China Blueprint Pty Ltd, Sydney.

Will be walking the Red Carpet with China’s most successful Movie Stars for this Years Awards Ceremony……