Help Save the Moonbears with MyOki

MyOki will Quadruple our DONATION TO $4.00
for Every MyOki we sell.
To Animals Asia

When I first came up with the MyOki idea the second thought that
came into my mind was an image of a Moonbear locked up in a cage.
I must have seen it somewhere and the image had never left me.
I remember thinking I will donate from every MyOki I sell to help
them in any way I can.
There had to be a reason behind what I was about to do…stepping
into the world of business was daunting and overwhelming, so why?
Why? because the MyOki would have a purpose to not only help with
our aches and pains, but to also help all creatures who suffer.

So Thank You to all you MyOki Owners out there and to all our
future MyOki Lovers to come…XOXO