MyOki Therapy

Naturally Healing Fashion Accessories

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Positioning your MyOki across your shoulders has an instant calming effect, and ideal for people who suffer from headaches, caused from tension that can build...
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Positioning your MyOki around you neck is not only very comfortable but it has an instant calming effect, ideal for people who suffer from headaches,...
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Positioning your MyOki around your waist or lower back is beneficial in many, many simply raising or lowering your MyOki you can treat various...


Therapeutic Benefits of a MyOki

  • MyOki is filled with 1.2 kg of Australian Biodynamic Wheat
  • Biodynamic Wheat is an Extremely high quality and Chemical Free Grain.
  • MyOki can be heated for the use of Muscular Aches and Pains by using heat to increase blood flow into the area, this causes muscles to stop contracting, therefore relaxing and decrease in pain.
  • MyOki can also be Cooled in the Freezer for the use of swelling and bruising or for general cooling and comfort of the body.


The Therapeutic Design Of MyOki

  • The Design is based upon an arm of an Octopus, a long arm which has round cups used to attach itself naturally to its enviroment.
  • The MyOki is 1.78 metres in length and with five circular rings of biodynamic Wheat, plus a sectioned ball of wheat at either end to work as counterweights when tying your MyOki into position. These balls of biodynamic wheat also act as hand warmers for added comfort.
  • The biodynamic Wheat travels evenly and naturally between and around the circular rings which creates a very comfortable and soothing form that moulds perfectly to your body.